Budgets, Breakevens, and Bottom Lines™ Workshop


What you'll get:

  • Peace of Mind.  Knowing what it truly costs to operate your business.
  • Confidence to say, "NO" to jobs that are not profitable.
  • Freedom to operate your business the way you want to. 
  • Detailed breakdown of Direct Labor, Equipment Replacement, Equipment Operational Costs, Fixed Overhead Expenses, Indirect Labor Costs, Marketing Campaigns, and more.


Ready to Grow Your Green Business?

Welcome to the New Era of Financial Freedom with the Budgets, Breakevens, and Bottom Lines™ Workshop!

Hey there, entrepreneurs and visionary business owners! Are you in the green industry, juggling numbers and trying to make your financial dreams a reality? We know the struggle – and we've got the solution!

Introducing: The Budgets, Breakevens, and Bottom Lines™ Workshop – your ultimate guide to transforming your business from 'just managing' to 'absolutely thriving'!

Why You Can't Miss This:

  • Tailor-Made for Ambition: Whether you're a start-up maverick or a seasoned pro, this workshop is your financial game-changer.
  • Deep-Dive into Your Finances: Get real with your numbers. We're talking about an eye-opening analysis of your current sales and future goals.
  • Be the Boss of Your Business: Move beyond just running your business. Master the art of financial decision-making.

Here’s What’s in Store for You:

  1. Focused Strategy Session: Kick-off with a 4-hour interactive video conference. This isn't just chat – it's about laying the groundwork for your financial breakthrough.
  2. Your Business Blueprint: Within 10 days, get your hands on a personalized, detailed report that speaks directly to your business's needs.
  3. Q&A Follow-Up: We wrap it up with a 1-hour video session to make sure you're 100% on board and clear about your financial journey.

Convenience Meets Innovation:

  • All online. Tune in from your office, home, or even a café – wherever your entrepreneurial spirit finds you!

Real Impact, Real Testimonials:

  • Our participants, just like you, have turned their businesses around – from the brink of closure to profit powerhouses. Be inspired by their stories!

Your Time is Now! Don't let your business dreams just be dreams. Purchase the Budgets, Breakevens, and Bottom Lines™ Workshop today and start your journey to financial mastery and business success.

What People Are Saying:

BUY THIS NOW! John and his BBB workshop saved my business and my family! I thought I needed more work to make more money but I was wrong I needed to know what it really cost me to run my landscape company. I was losing money on jobs because I didn't know my numbers. It was a huge strain on me and my wife and 3 kids. My eyes are open now and now I learned how to break those numbers down. John made it so easy. This is the best 5 hour investment I've ever made. It took us one season to get things turned around but this year we were able to have the best Christmas for the kids. Christmas vacation at Disney World and presents under the tree. THANK YOU!!!

Arty Benson

John Pajak's BBB course is invaluable for those who want to be landscape business owners. John helped me find the numbers I need to move my business to the next level. If you don't know your numbers you're only working in your business not on your business.

Russell Ackerman

Going through the Budgets, Break-evens and Bottom lines workshop with John Pajak gave me great insight into my business. When I started my business last year I didn't know how to properly analyze my business, going through this workshop really opened my eyes about what goes into running a profitable business. John has a deep understanding of numbers and what it takes to run a profitable business. This was probably the best money I could of spent on my business and would recommend this workshop to everyone.

William Makin

Budgets, Break-evens, and Bottom Lines has brought, 'know your numbers' to life! It takes all the theory that I've learned and makes it practical. My business is now set up for success because I know exactly what to charge, and why. If you want to take the guess work out of your business, I recommend doing the workshop now.

Brent Stoy

$1,800.00 USD

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